The one where I talk about how we survive road trips

Road trips aren’t my thing.

Even the short ones.

But when your families live at least 4 hours away (in opposite directions of each other) sometimes you have to put on the big girl pants, grit your teeth, and get on the road.

When Little S was a teeny weeny human, it wasn’t too bad (although I likely would have disagreed with that statement at the time). We’d stop every few hours to nurse and if she was crying we would drive on the bumpy side of the road and that usually helped…no big deal.

Now that she’s a full on talking, strong-willed toddler, we aren’t always as lucky.

Unfortunately, there are times that no amount of apple juice or bumpy roads will help console her.

And to be perfectly honest, I can’t really blame her.

Seriously, if it were socially acceptable for a grown woman to kick + scream + cry over being stuck in a car for hours on end, I’d be right there with her.

So how do we survive when the toys + books have lost their appeal and she starts screaming “I wanna get out!” and there are still 3 hours left of driving?


We set aside all of those things we swore we would never do back when we were the perfect parents of ZERO children.

We give in.

(I mean, usually we’re on the way to the grandparents house so I know she won’t hear “no” the entire time we’re there…what damage could a few extra hours of this really do?)

Kidding. Well, not really. We have a few road trip survival rules we live by and they require us to be a lot more flexible and relaxed about what we give in to.

1.) Have a plan for when the toys + books stop working their magic

We always start off so hopeful and things usually look promising for about 5 minutes, then the scream and trying to unbuckle the seats begins… so for us, plans B + C involve handing over the the iPad, iPhone, well, anything really.

“Sure. You can empty out all of the contents of my purse. Go for it kiddo.”

2.) Snacks.

So.many.snacks. (Yes, even the ones that are full of sugar and we’ll likely regret giving her later.)

Because gummies are magic in our world.

3.) Songs.

Make sure you have access to all of the favorites and even the ones that are potential favorites because you never know. Also be prepared for so many repeats of the same.dang.songs.

“Why of course we’ll play ‘Wheels on the Bus’ for the billionth time. We love this song.”

4.) More snacks.

Yes, lunch/dinner is probably totally ruined at this point…but remember, we are in survival mode here.

5.) Get creative.

Find anything that is remotely amusing and maximize it.

“Look at the windshield wipers! Whoa, let’s clean up the buggies with the washer fluid and wipers!”

It’s survival mode, friend. No judgement on doing what you have to do to make itΒ through.

The great thing about road trips is that they [eventually] end. I will warn you though, don’t look at the clock to often…it tends to move much slower than you would like it to.

Hope you all had wonderful + safe + happy travels throughout the holidays πŸ™‚



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