The one where I talk about cleaning shoes

I know. I know.

This is kind of a weird post.

But we wear a lot of Converse in this house and few things make me more crazy than dirty shoes.

And who has time to clean shoes? Not me.

So you see my dilemma.

I need something quick + easy that gets the job done.

I sound like a commercial. ย (But you can relax, this totally isn’t one)

Just a mama hack ๐Ÿ™‚


IMG_8793 (1)


IMG_8833 (1)

Amazing, right?

Here’s how I do it:

My magic shoe cleaning potion

  • 1/4 oxyclean
  • 1 squirt of dish soap (people swear by Blue Dawn- I just usedย the Clorox Green Works that we already had)
  • Enough water to make it pretty liquidy once it’s mixedย together

This is obviously VERY scientific.

So I mix all of this together and use a hard bristle brush to dip in the solution and scrub the shoe. I only scrub the white/rubber part of the shoe since the canvas doesn’t usually get too dirty. I keep scrubbing until it is nice and clean and then carefully rinse it off.

If I know the shoes will be worn within the next few hours I’m extra careful to only wet the rubber and not the canvas, otherwise you have to let them sit and dry for a day or so.

Hope this helps!


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