The one where I explain what happened to my winter capsule

I haven’t talked wardrobe capsules in a while. Not to fear, they have not been forgotten 🙂

So, what happened with the winter one?

Welp, I gave it up once I realized that winter wasn’t coming. El Niño crampin’ my capsule-style.

Apparently I live in denial about what the weather ACTUALLY does in htx so I wasn’t able to wear the majority of my warmer fall pieces until after Christmas when we started to get some “cold fronts” blow through.

Soooooo essentially fall capsule turned into winter capsule.

And as much as I love capsule wardrobing I SO need a break from these clothes.

I am counting down to spring and am excited about getting this spring capsule finalized. Here’s to hoping I don’t get idealistic about what Houston springtime actually feels like 😛

Here are a few faves that are coming with me:


What are you carrying over into spring?





The One Where I Give My Friday Favorites || Vol. 6

1. Because mom-life

This has been my mantra lately…sleepless nights and early mornings.

2. Because tiny humans

Great idea using contact paper + leaves to keep the littles entertained this fall.

3. Because fashion

Easy + quick + intentional hairstyles are so my jam right now.

4. Because travel

These travel journals are an amazing way for kids to document their travels.

5. Because health + fitness

I’m a big fan of make-ahead oatmeal smoothies- some recipes + ideas I use can be found here.

Enjoy your weekend!


The one where I talk about how I’m still transitioning into my fall capsule

The past few days have been the first in a LONG while that stayed below 90 degrees.

That can only mean one thing in H-town.
(At least for now)
So I’m taking that as my cue to finish off my summer-to-fall capsule transition and hope that this weather sticks around for a while. 
I have some favorite staples and have managed to find a warm weather + cool(er) weather option of each of them. I usually keep one around until the weather motivates me to start wearing its seasonally appropriate counterpart 🙂 

See? This way I can wear my favorites all year long. 

The one where I give my Friday favorites || Vol. 5

1. Because mom-life

Sometimes mama needs a drink and it’s still hot in H-town

2. Because tiny humans

I’m always looking for toddler-approved recipes. We’ll be trying this one soon!

3. Because fashion

Working on this skill myself 🙂 

4. Because travel

Seriously thinking of buying one of these

5. Because health + fitness

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

The one where I talk about casual(ish)

I’m a big fan of casual. But I’m also a big fan of not-so-casual. 
Enter the casual(ish) look 🙂 
One of the lessons I’ve learned throughout this wardrobe capsule process is that it is important to consider the day-to-night potential that each piece in your closet has.
This is my casual look with this outfit: flats + simple purse + twisted side bun

However, I know that if I wanted to spruce it up a bit, I could.

Add some lace up heels + cute clutch + intentional makeup/ hair + maybe if the weather permits a cool leather jacket and boom you got yo’self a date night outfit 🙂

Fall 2015 || Capsule 02 || Outfit 03
Top: Old from Marshalls (similar)
Bottoms: Old from Marshalls (similar)
Shoes: Tory Burch
Bag: Old by Steve Madden (similar)
What are some of your favorite day-to-night looks?

The one where I talk about my fall uniform

Once I started going to school, I wore a uniform nearly every day of my life.

(Well, at least until college)

I hated it. No choices. Boo. And #alltheteenagerfeelingsandemoticons
Imagine my surprise when I realized I had adopted a sort of unofficial uniform as a GROWN UP. My go-to look, if you will. 
This is it:

White shirt + jeans. 

Not always the same white shirt or jeans, but the same idea nonetheless.
When I was in high school I used to tease my mom and older sister about how they always wore their “uniform”. 
Turns out its the same one I’m rockin’ now. 
And y’all this bag is awesome. 

Fall 2015 || Capsule 02 || Outfit 02
Top: Old from Banana Republic (similar)
Pants: A&F
Shoes: J Crew
Bag: Free People (similar)


The one where I give my Friday favorites || Vol. 4

1. Because mom-life


2. Because tiny humans

Put those wine corks to good use- tutorial here. 

3. Because fashion

This is one of the most genius inventions in the history of ever. 

4. Because travel

 Loving this passport cover.

5. Because health + fitness

 Find them here.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!